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Gift Certificates

Need a special gift idea or you simply can't decide what to purchase? How about a Hammond Gift Certificate? They'll make the perfect gift for that someone special in your life!

The Hammond Lounge & Liquor Store

A large and lighted lot offering ample parking provides easy access to the Hammond Lounge and Liquor Store. A combining of these services allows you to make the best of choices from among our finest foreign and domestic malt beverages, the snappy wine coolers, creamy liqueurs and heady wines. And right at your fingertips are a wide selection of tobacco products, snack foods, soft drinks and lottery tickets.

Staying awhile? The bar/lounge blends nicely with the liquor store, allowing just a few steps to bring you into a warm and friendly setting. High-backed bar stools and thickly padded booths are just the right ticket when you're in need of relaxation. Sports fans enjoy their favorite team competitions on two large-screen monitors. All the bar beverages you're familiar with (and some you're not) are being served on a daily basis. And, if you're in a creative mood, let our staff know. We're always willing to learn.

At the Hammond you can access our ATM or, if preferred, a check or credit card transaction is welcomed. For all your relaxation requirements, come to the Hammond. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Hammond Lounge and Liquor Store opens Monday through Saturday at 8:00AM - Sundays at 9:00AM. All off-sale transactions follow state law, closing down at midnight. For more information, call us at (715) 392-3269.